ROCKONBRO builds fast, easy to navigate web sites on the WordPress platform. I have had many people inform me that WordPress is a blogging software, well today WordPress is more of a CMS or Content Management System, the WordPress platform is so versatile and secure that ANY site can build upon it’s flexible coding. From a plain “homepage” to a full blown E-commerce web site, WordPress can deliver!

ROCKONBRO not only builds sites that ROCK, but we also host our sites on our own leased servers.

We lease our servers in Tampa, FL and the specs are as follows; Intel Xeon processors (8+ cores) with at least 32GB RAM. The drives are configured in a RAID array, which provides for protection in the event of drive failure as the data is distributed across multiple disks. In most drive failure instances, we are able to replace the faulty disk without even taking the server offline.

Our servers run PHP 7 which is a perfect environment for the WordPress platform, which we use exclusively. Our leased servers also have an up-time of 99.9%